Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

The Noble Wealth

Today you come to make offerings.
This means you come to build up noble wealth.
The external wealth consists of physical gain,
fame, high rank, and praise.
The physical gain can bring
you happiness and comfort in this world.
It is for this lifetime, very short.
Yes, it gives you comfort,
but it does not necessarily bring you happiness of mind.

If you do not know the Truth of Nature,
If you do not understand the Truth of Life,
If you do not gain insight into the depth of all pheonmena,
You will certainly be swayed by loss and gain,
By acrimony, delusion, and attachment.
You won't be able to find peace of mind.

Why do we suffer?
Because we don't know how to be dutiful to our Citta;
We don't know what to do with the Citta.
Only if we know, we won't suffer.
If we develop our mindfulness and awareness,
So that our knowing faculty is fully sharpened,
We won't fall prey to the environment.
We won't get lost; we won't get trapped
In the maze of the material world.

Thus, when it is time for us to turn old,
Get sick, and die,
We can leave what we have to lose,
We can leave our loved ones.. sons, daughters,
Husbands, wives,
In peace.

If you are still attached to the material world
Without ever building up the inner, noble wealth,
Without practising Dhamma...
Having used up all the wealth we've got
Without performing any more wholesome deeds,
We'll only meet with mental pain
No inner, noble wealth,
No spiritual nourishment!

The inner, noble wealth is the most valuable wealth,
Higher than all kinds of gain.
It can pave the way
For the physical gain.
Yes, the inner wealth can draw
The external wealth.

The inner wealth consists of the following factors;
Confidence in Dhamma,
Morality: Observation of the moral precepts,
Moral shame, Moral fear, Great learning,
Liberality, and Wisdom.

The inner wealth is the spiritual nourishment for
our lives here and hereafter, today and tomorrow,
both at present and also in the future.