Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Practise Self-Control

When you are full, stop eating, Even if it is delicious.
When you wake up, get up right away.
Don't cling to your bed.
We usually wake up and then fall sleep again.
The heart is too weak to be resolute.
You should learn to overcome small obstructions.
The more you succeed, the stronger you'll be.
Speak what is useful and essential.
Speak moderately.
When you speak too much,
You encourage too much restless thought.
Think before you utter each word.
But do not utter every word you think.
Know when to keep quiet.
This is the Bodhisattva's Dhamma.
When you need to respond,
Think carefully. Say only the essential.
Better to keep quiet
When things are not apt to speak.
Cautiousness in speech can take you
To heaven and Nibbana.
Unbridled speech can take people to hell
Both the listeners and the speaker.
Unwholsome words can taint
One's heart and mind.
Learn to understand other people.
Learn to understand the whole world.
Don't expect the world to understand us.
In this way, we can live comfortably in the world.
Try to understand ourselves.
Look at ourselves;
Correct ourselves;
Get rid of our mistakes.
Of course, it's difficult to teach ourselves,
Difficult to reprimand ourselves,
Because we tend to justify our own defilements.
How do we manage ourselves?
Know ourselves and do make ourselves
Perform our duties in accordance
With the Law of Nature.
Watch and see.
Watch and see the physical and the mental,
The body and the mind --- of ours.
Try to understand each contact.
Every contact is the foundation of all truths.
Look and investigate here, now.
Look and see!