Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Curing Anger

Many people don't want to be angry,
Because thay know that anger brings suffering.
Yet they can't help it.
Because we have let defilements
Have their way for a very long time.
We have not learnt the subtle way
To build up mindfulness.

How can we cure anger?
All right, when anger rises, tell ourselves;
"Don't be angry! Mindfulness, come!"
But, anger might be there still,
If we're not subtle enough.

Some book says, "Radiate your loving-kindness!"
Well, how can we do it ... we're still angry.
We can't possibly radiate loving-kindness in anger!

What we should do is to set up mindfulness.
Be mindful, be aware of what we are moment by moment,
Until our heart becomes calm spontaneously.
When our heart is calm,
We can eventually see people
As friends in suffering ...
In birth, old age, sickness, and death.
All creatures are subject to their own deeds.
So, let us forgive.

If we are wrong, contemplate our wrong-doing
And then correct ourselves.
It's good, if someone points it out to us.
If somebody else is wrong
Because of his carelessness and so on,
We should be ready to contemplate loving-kindness.