Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Be Mindful While Working

How can we be mindful while working?
Be concious of what we are doing.
Have a wholesome thought
And be genuinely interested in the work.
Always keep in mind that
This work is for the welfare of other people,
Not for our own egoistic use.
Don't do things for the sake of personal gain.
Let us work for the benefit and well-being of others.
Try to get rid of our selfishness as much as we can.

If other people are selfish
And are rude to us,
Never mind!
If we are not selfish,
We are good in ourselves.
If we have to work with a selfish person,
We have to use our best effort
To perform our duty.
Be not offended by the other person's neglect.
When we are trying to refrain from an unwholesome action,
We should not be offended.
If the other people don't do the same.
It's good for us to be self-restraint.
It's stupid to turn our eyes on other people's wrong.

Know what is wrong
And know what is right.
Then embrace what is right within our heart
Without turning our eyes viciously onother people.

If we are vicious in our outlook,
Our own inner defilements will flourish.
Restlessness gives rise to unwholesomeness.

Without mindfulness and awareness,
Our lives will become worth