Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Late Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Life's Work

When we are in the habit of keeping vigil,
And always within the bound of precepts,
We'll easily attain calm.
That which readily gives rise to hindrances
Is negligence and the breach of the moral code
Of conduct..
When we do not control our senses,
Either intentionally or unintentionally,
Knowingly or unknowingly,
We are forming a bad habit.
We need to practise self-restraint
To win over the defiling self.
Try to concentrate and be mindful of the Citta,
Until you experience calm.
Watch the state of calm closely,
You'll understand its value.
You'll experience the kind of happiness
That is blissful.

The heart at peace, full of wholesomeness,
Loving-kindness and bliss,
Will channel our actions and our speeches
Into the ground of noble righteousness.
At the same time, our physical body
Will be adjusted and balanced.
The work thereof will prove to be of
Higher efficiency.