Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

The following Dharma Talks were delivered by Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro of Thailand.

The practice of "Mindfulness of Buddha"
Is suitable for all kind of mental tendencies and all ocassions.
Some monks use only this method.
You start out by reciting to yourself the word
"Buddho" : Buddho...Buddho...Buddho...
Let your heart down in humble contemplation of the Lord Buddha's perfections,
Contemplate, contemplate,
Until you see your own condition.
Then your heart can rest in peace and sublimity.

Then may you turn to observe Dhamma Absolute:
The Absoluteness of Buddha,
The Selflessness,that is the true nature of the Buddha.
The meaning of "Buddha" is "Absence of Defilements".

In the beginning, you make use of verbal concentration.
This is called "Parikarma", meaning, "to develop to the full, to make it perfect".
"Pari" means "well-rounded".
"Karma" means "to act".
Observe as you are confronting contacts.
Observe as your eyes are open up to sights.
While your mind is whispering "Buddho",
And while the heart is on the know of things around.
Now, even if you close your eyes, your ears, your mouth,
Still you can distinctly see within...withal,
Still you can retain absorption in peace supreme,
Until you are dawned with a "mental image" (Uggahanimitta)
And also with an "image conceptual" (Patibhaganimitta).
Recitation is for the purpose of keeping alert,
For building up the concentration that can impress upon the heart
The image the eyes perceive.

Then you may learn to contemplate "release".
Contemplate until you understand
The various conditioning factors of life.
See them thoroughly with the inner eyes.
This is the "Absorption State of Conceptualised Image".

For instance, when we recite the word "Buddho, Buddho"
The heart will be focused on the word "Buddho".
Also, you may recollect the innumerable benefactions of Buddha
By way of focusing on a Buddha image.
Bow down with your heart
In submission
In order to see Him
While inwardly whispering "Buddho"...

In the beginning, do not believe in too hard for introspection,
Because the heart is not completely set in meditative mood.
The heart thus unstable cannot be the seat of wisdom.
Therefore, work at concentration and mindfulness,
So that they may be firm and strong.
Then, wisdom won't be far behind.