Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Contemplating Rising And Falling

It is very important to comtemplate rising and falling,
So that you can see these conditions
Both externally and internally.
See rising and falling of the body and the mind;
The body and the mind of others,
Also, the body and the mind of our own.
His body does not belong to him;
This body does not belong to me.
Contemplate this, until the heart
Is steady and calm,
Until the heart unbinds its bondage.
This thought appears, while that thought disappears.
That thought appears, while this thought disappears.
A hot temper rises; then the hot temper is gone.
A good temper rises; then the good temper is gone.
A hot temper may again rise and gain control
Over you, if you do not take good care of yourselves.

It is important to be mindful of the CITTA,
That is, the heart of the mind,
And to observe in time
What sense-object is coming in.
One will know and see this for oneself.

See the moment of rising,
The moment of falling.
See the moment a sense-object fades away.
Watch the moment it disappears.
Here you'll be more alert, more aware.
The knower knows.
The seer understands.
These are the functions of the CITTA.

When CITTA is calm
And is deep in touch with a phenomenon,
You can go on to contemplate
How it is subject to "Change",
to "Suffering",
And to "Selflessness".

After we have contemplated the body,

The body is no more;
There is left the feeling.
After we have contemplated the feeling,

The feeling is no more;
There is left the Citta.
After we have contemplated the Citta,

There is left Dhamma.
Contemplate Dhamma in Dhamma, then,
This is actually contemplating the Citta.
Contemplate the Citta
That is forming various mental images.
Contemplate until you see the pure Citta,
That is free from mental images.
The Citta, that is pure,
Is absolute.
Contemplate until you see the Citta
In all its clarity.
The unoccupied Citta is distinct and illuminating.
Remeber that when your heart is calm,
Retain it.
And then contemplate the elements
That condition it.
When delight rises,
Contemplate with delight.
When happiness rises, contemplate with happiness,
Deep inside.
Contemplate with one-pointedness as the underlying factor.

All right, you continue to contemplate,
Contemplate until delight is no more...
Until happiness is no more.
There is then left only "oneness",
Only the knower who knows,
In the state of calm,
In the state of oneness with a sense-object.
Contemplate further,
So that your heart becomes deeper and deeper in calm.
Retain this state,
Retain this feeling.

If in contemplation,
You happen to slip from the firm stand.
You just remind yourselves to contemplate
The nature of Impermanance,
Unitl you grow steady and firm again.
Then learn to contemplate the body and the mind,
Internally and, also, externally,
Until your feelings toward both situations
Are equal in equanimity.