Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

The State of Void

The Citta, that is disposed to emptiness
Until it sees nature of the natural elements,
Until it sees "suchness" of the phenomena,
Until there is no more of rising and falling,
Sees the Truth of the elements,
Thus arriving at the state of void,
Void of the conceptualisation of Self.
The Citta at this moment is eternal.
If you can retain this particular state of feeling forever,
That is, even outside the meditative posture,
You can attain to the life of eternity,
The true life.
The untrue Citta is the Citta unquiet.
The true Citta never dies.
Death can conquer only the formative aspects of the Citta.
The genuine Citta is the knowing faculty.
This is immortal.

The Citta at peace
Can see void in the physical element
And in the mental element.
It can see how nature rolls on
And on.
It can accept change as a natural phenomenon,
Not as our self.
The Citta functions only as the knower.

What is known is not permanent.
The knower simply knows
Without getting attached.
In this way, how can suffering arise?

What I'm telling is meant for you to introspect.
Use it as a pilot for the navigation of your Citta,
Until your Citta finally arrives at the natural port of Truth.

Once you have reached the state of void,
You have said to arrive at the abode of Bliss.
This is the Citta with insight into
Selflessness and voidness.
In other words, when the Citta
Has gained insight into Selflessness,
As you conceptualise all phenomena
As natural elements:
Soil, liquid, air, and fire,
You wont distinquish living beings as animals, men
And self.

The Citta at NIBBANA
Is void: no attachment, no thoughts defiling,
No anxiety,
No fruits of delusion.