Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Dharma Talks By Phra Ajhan Yantra Amaro

Morality for Meditation

The foundation of the noble ones
Is the five precepts.
If the precepts are not observed properly,
Meditation cannot develop.
You might have a good intention to meditate,
But when you come out of it,
You do not observe the precepts...
You still kill, steal,
Violate sexual norm,
Tell lies, and partake of intoxicants,
You'll have no way to accomplish the meditation goal.
You might enjoy a certain kind of absorption,
But it will easily deteriorate.
It won't last long.
Therefore, you must observe the precepts regularly.
The conduct must be refined.
The attitude must also be honest and true.
You must observe the precepts with an intention
To get rid of your own defilements,
Not for self-conceit,
Nor for bragging about.

If you are more and more meticulous
In observing the precepts,
Yet being proud, you show contempt of other people,
Who are not as good,
You are pitifully illusioned by the precepts.
This is not right,
For you are only an evil-minded meditator.